Our Week Through 2016-11-18


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • In the featured campaigns section of the homepage, we were adding whitespace to petition images that didn't fit within our image space. We changed this code and are no longer adding extra whitespace.
  • We've made a round of updates to the petitions/near/new page, which shows an overview of the petitions on the platform (eg.


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Org admins now have greater control over how campaigns are shared on social media. Our new settings allow you to customize the sharing image, title, and description.
  • Org admins can now hide petition creator information from the petition signature page. This option, in the petition's admin settings –> Petition Page section, removes the petition creator's name and image from the petition page.
  • Ongoing efforts improvements.
  • We've updated the mobile view for petitions that are set up to collect messages for a decision maker. Instead of a "Sign the petition" button, we now show a "Send a message" button.
  • Help boxes on embedded signature forms were being cut off. We've changed the design so that these boxes fit within the signature form script box. We've also updated some style elements of the form.


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Organiser instructions are now available for open-ended calendars (in addition to constituency-bound calendars). The 'display organiser instructions' setting allows you to provide potential hosts with information about their responsibilities before they begin creating an event.
  • We now allow org admins to specify a disclaimer for events. This disclaimer will appear on the first 'page' of the RSVP modal.

Nothing new in groups or TakeCharge.


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