Our Week Through 2016-11-04


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • We've switched from simple_captcha to Google's recaptcha system. (This captcha is primarily used when someone sends a message to the petition creator.) The new system is accessible and works with screen readers.

  • Clicking to view a contact message from the /org/messages page didn't work – unless you wanted to see our 404 page. We've updated the code and you can read contact messages again.

  • We've implemented rate limiting for our Engaging Networks and NationBuilder syncs.


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • When updating petitions in an effort by CSV upload, some characters were not encoding correctly. We're now supporting all UTF-8 encoding.

  • Petition image uploads were failing under certain circumstances: when the new image's file name was the same as the old image's file name and when the petition was configured to solicit messages to a decision maker and the subject of those messages was locked. These were separate issues, but they're both fixed. Feel free to update petition images at will.


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • The setup process for a new local group required users to enter a postcode, even if the organization doesn't collect postcodes/operates in a country that doesn't use postcodes. We've removed that requirement.

  • Petitions run by local groups are automatically moderated to good. This is still true, but we've updated the code to allow org admins to override that default moderation status, if they wish.

Nothing new in events or TakeCharge.


P.S. We're updating the effort creation workflow and would like your feedback. Our plan is to make setting up a new effort a more guided, and less mysterious, process. Our current mockups are here: If you have feedback for us, send us a support email.


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