The Petitions Tab

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  The petitions tabs give information about the petitions included in the effort.


On this page you can see a list of all the petitions in the effort. By clicking "created at" or "signatures," you can sort petitions by newest/oldest creation date and highest/lowest signature count. Clicking the signature count will take you to the signature tab of that petition's admin page. Clicking the name of the user running a campaign will take you to their member page.


Clicking the "Leaderboard" link will show the top six petitions by signature count. From the leaderboard page you can also copy an iframe code that allows you to embed the leaderboard into an external site. This can be useful if you want to show which campaigns within the effort have received the most signatures. Just copy the iframe code and paste it into an external site to embed the leaderboard. Like below: 



Abandoned Petitions

The final link, "Abandoned", is an important part of running an effort.

While we try to keep the recruitment series/new decision maker workflow as simple as possible, not all users will complete the process. If you've added decision makers, but haven't pre-created petitions, or if you're allowing users to add their own decision makers, you may need to deal with abandoned petitions. Abandoned petitions are petitions that have been left in an unlaunched/draft state for more than one hour. When that time limit is reached, they'll be added to this Abandoned view.

The decision makers associated with abandoned petitions cannot be claimed by other users. This means that other supporters who are interested in campaigning these decision makers will be unable to take any action – they won't be able to run these campaigns or sign the associated petitions. This renders these targets effectively dead – no one can do anything with them while they're in this liminal unlaunched state. Therefore, we collect all the abandoned petitions into one view and ask org admins to decide what should happen to these campaigns.



For each abandoned petition, you'll see basic information about them, including their title, target, leader, and creation date. To start processing these petitions, click the "Get Started" button on this page.

From this modal, you'll be asked what you want to do with the petition, the leader, and the decision maker.

First, the petition:

  • If you choose to launch the petition, the petition will go live and anyone with a URL to the petition can begin adding their signature. When you choose this option you'll also be asked to choose a moderation status for the new petition. If you don't want to moderate the petition now, you can choose to 'Moderate Later'.
  • You can also choose to delete the petition. If you choose to delete the petition you'll still be asked what you want to do with the associated decision maker.

If you chose to delete the petition, you won't be asked to make any decisions about the leader. If you chose to launch the petition, you'll need to decide if you want to keep or remove the leader.

  • If you keep the current leader, they'll be the campaign's primary admin, will be listed on the petition page, and will have access to the admin tools. Additionally, the campaign leader position will be filled and no other users will be able to volunteer to lead the campaign.
  • If you remove the current leader, they won't be associated with the petition. Instead, the campaign will be opened up for recruitment and another leader can volunteer to run the campaign.

Lastly, you'll need to decide what to do with the decision maker. 

  • If the decision maker is currently unpublished, you can choose to keep unpublished. This will prevent the decision maker from showing up in search results, regardless of any associated campaign's moderation status.
  • If you choose to publish the decision maker, the decision maker will show up in search results.
  • If you chose to delete the petition, you can also delete the decision maker. This will remove the decision maker from the system.

When you've finished making selections, click process and we'll show you the next abandoned petition in the list.

Again, it is important that admins process abandoned petitions regularly to ensure that the effort continues to work properly. This is especially true for efforts using admin-added decision makers which have been left as targets. If abandoned petitions are not processed, people will not be able to run campaigns on the decision makers that have been added by staff.

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