Step 4: Recruiting Local Leaders

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We believe in people power. While the efforts tools allow admins to pre-create petitions in the effort, we encourage admins to recruit local campaign leaders through the toolset. There are two ways a member can become a campaign leader: they can volunteer to lead a campaign through our built-in recruitment series or they can be added to a campaign by organization admins.

It's up to you how you want to recruit campaign leaders. Generally, we'd suggest starting with your most committed supporters and then opening the effort up to everyone. Here's a potential strategy:

  1. If you have specific members that you want to run specific campaigns, you can start by giving them admin privileges on their campaigns. The workflow for org admins designating a campaign leader is below.

  2. Using your normal email tool, send an email to your most committed supporters telling them about the effort you've created, explaining why it's important, and asking them to lead the campaign in their area. Include a link to the effort's landing page, which will allow them to begin the platform's recruitment series.

  3. Later, send an email to your full list. Also include a link to the effort's landing page, which will allow your supporters to begin the platform's recruitment series.

  4. If you need to remove a campaign leader, you can do that at any time.


Designating Campaign Leaders

If, as an admin, you have a member in mind to lead a local campaign, you can designate him/her as the campaign leader. Designating a campaign leader will prevent other members from volunteering to be the leader of the campaign.

To get started, you must create the petition – it cannot be left as a target. Once the petition has been created, go to the petition's admin page (signature page -> Admin). 

On this page, click the "Add User" button. From here, enter the email address of the user. For this workflow, the member must already have an account on the platform site.

If the user does not already have an account, you can invite them to be a campaign admin by clicking the "Manage Additional Campaign Admins" link on the petition's admin page (or use the "Campaign Admins" link in the petition's manage tools – both go to the same page.) From this additional campaign admins page, you can enter the member's email address to invite them to the platform. Once they create their account (using that email address), they'll have access to the campaign leader tools and they'll be listed as the campaign leader on the petition's signature page.


Allowing Members to Volunteer

Most effort petition leaders will go through the platform's volunteer/recruitment workflow before receiving admin privileges. They'll start at the effort's landing page.

From there, they can enter their address, city, postcode (or keyword, depending on the effort's search strategy) to find their campaign. If a campaign or target exists in that location and does not already have a local leader, the user can then decide if they want to lead the campaign.

(If a petition/target does not exist at their location, but the effort is configured to accept new targets, they'll see a similar workflow. However, their workflow will start with the new decision maker pages.)

On this search results page, they can decide to lead the campaign or they can just sign the petition. If they click the "What will I need to do?" link, they can view a quick summary of expectations. If they click the "I'll be a leader" button, they'll be walked through our recruitment series. The series of pages they see will depend on the effort's configuration. Here are the possible steps:

  1. Users are shown the first page in the recruitment series, which thanks them for agreeing to be a leader. The text included on this page is customizable at the effort-level. When they click the button on this page, they'll be associated with the petition/target.

  2. If the campaign is configured to "Prompt Edit", the user will be prompted to review the petition's default text and make any changes. 

  3. The user is then shown the Training page. On this page, org admins can include requirements for campaign leaders, tips to be successful, means of getting in touch with org staff, etc.

  4. The user is then brought to the campaign's manage page. They can start running their campaign immediately.


Removing Campaign Leaders

If, at any point during the campaign, you need to remove a campaign leader, you can do so from the effort's Decision Makers tab (admin homepage -> Efforts -> name of the effort -> Decision Makers tab).

From the Decision Makers tab, click the With Petitions tab. From here, click the name of the leader you want to remove. On this page, you'll see information about the leader and how far they've gotten in the recruitment steps. By clicking the "Remove as Leader" button, you can remove the current leader and return the petition to recruitment.

If you want to give another user access to the campaign, but don't want to remove the current leader, you can add them as an additional campaign admin from the campaign's manage tools.


Abandoned Petitions

If a member begins the leader recruitment or new decision maker process, but does not complete the workflow, the petition will be included in the effort's Abandoned petitions view. Targets associated with these abandoned petitions will not be available to other members – meaning that no one else can volunteer to be a leader while the petition is in an abandoned state. Read more to learn about dealing with abandoned petitions.


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