FAQ: Decision Makers

The Decision Makers tools provide more structured information about the targets of campaigns and allow the organization, campaign creators, and supporters to engage these decision makers.

With these tools, the decision maker is notified of the campaign and is sent regular updates about the campaign's progress. These notifications contain signature count updates and reasons for the signing or they can include messages from signers to the decision maker. Regardless of the type of update, the decision maker is always able to respond to the campaign creator.

Here's a quick introduction to Decision Makers:

Q: How are Decision Makers different than the current 'to' field of petitions?

A: Decision Makers are more structured than the free-form to/whom field. Specifically, Decision Makers require both a name and location, while also accepting the decision maker's title, phone number, and email address. 


Q: What are the benefits of using Decision Makers?

A: There are a few reasons why you may want to associate a petition with a structured Decision Maker instead of a free-form petition target. First, if you'd like to notify the petition's target that there's a campaign asking them to take action, you'll need to use Decision Makers.

Secondly, if you want to collect messages to the decision maker instead of just collecting signatures, you'll need to use decision makers. Regardless of the type of campaign you run – whether collecting signatures or collecting messages – the decision maker will receive regular updates about the campaign throughout its life. Either the way, this will allow you to transform a single campaign into an ongoing conversation with the decision maker.


Additionally, the decision maker's dedicated page allow you to quickly view information about the decision maker and see all of the campaigns targeting them on your site.

Finally, when the Decision Maker tool is used, the who field cannot be changed by petition creators


Q: How do I start sending notifications to decision makers?

A: Learn how to enable notifications here:


Q:  What's next for Decision Makers?

A: The features we're rolling out now are only the first set of Decision Makers functionality. We have more tools planned, so stay tuned!


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