Calendar Event Uploads

If your organization is interested in using the calendars feature and already has a list of events you're planning to host, you can use the event upload function to streamline the calendar creation process.

First you'll need to create your calendar. Begin by going to "Calendars" under "Events" and clicking "New Calendar." Here you'll be asked to choose an open-ended or constituency bound calendar. Note: CSV event uploads will not work with constituency bound calendars (or calendars that require a host address). Next, enter the title of the calendar, an optional description, and choose whether users should be able to create their own events. When you're done creating your new calendar, click to save.

Once you've created your new calendar, you'll be brought to the calendar's admin page. Your newly created calendar's slug (the unique name of your calendar) will be displayed in the address bar. You'll need this slug to upload events to the calendar.

Once you've copied the calendar's slug, go to "All" under "Events" and click "CSV Imports." Next, click the "New Upload" button. From here you can download a sample CSV by clicking the "Download CSV Template" button. This template includes the column names required for uploading events.

Enter your events' titles in column A and their descriptions in column B. In column C enter their start date and time. The start date and time should be in the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM (or PM or military time). In the location column, enter the event's location. Make sure that the location is in a format that will be recognized by google maps. If the event has a max attendee limit, enter it into column E, otherwise leave this column blank. Then in column F enter the calendar slug.*

When you've finished entering event information, return to the CSV uploads page, choose your calendar's events file, and click to upload. Once the upload is completed it will be included on the events upload page.

By clicking "View" you can see more information about the uploaded events, including any errors.

(and if you get the "Host address can't be blank" error, like I did, it's because you've chosen the calendar setting that requires a host address. Turn that setting off and the upload will work correctly.)


As a reminder, you can quickly update a column by adding new text to one cell, and then dragging the cell to the bottom of the column. Like this:

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