Adding and Switching Decision Makers

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Before you can begin using the decision maker tools, you need to add a decision maker to the petition.

A decision maker is different from our traditional 'who' field in a few ways. First, it's more structured than the 'who' field – decision maker information can include the decision maker's location, email, phone number, and job title. Also, in addition to configuring notifications, using the decision maker tool also allows the organization to link multiple petitions to a single decision maker – allowing the organization to keep track of all of the campaigns targeting that entity. 

Adding a Decision Maker

You can add a decision maker to a petition from the petition moderation queue (for unreviewed or reactivated petitions) or from the petition's admin page. If the petition is included in an effort, see the effort instructions.

From the moderation queue, click the "Add Decision Maker" button below the user-entered 'who' field.



From the petition admin page, click the "Add Decision Maker" button included on the "Details" tab below the signature graph.


This will open a modal wherein you can search for an existing decision maker – based on the petition's current 'who' field – or create a new one.


If you click to create a new target, we'll ask for some information about the new decision maker. While not all of these fields are required, you'll need to enter the decision maker's email address if you want to send notifications.

After clicking to "Create Decision Maker," the decision maker will be associated with the petition. (More info on how that changes the petition here.)

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Switching decision makers

For petitions in an effort, see the effort instructions.

For petitions that are not included in an effort, go to the petition's admin page. In the Details tab you'll see the petition's current target. To change the decision maker, click "Switch Decision Maker." 

From here, search for the new decision maker that you want to use. You can search by the decision maker's name or location.

Then select the decision maker you'd like to use. If the decision maker does not exist, click to "Create a New Decision Maker."

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Petitions In An Effort

Adding and switching the decision maker for petitions in an effort follows the same workflow as standalone petitions. However, before you can add or switch the petition's decision maker, the decision maker must be included in the effort's decision maker list.

To get started, add the new decision maker to the effort. (By going to the effort's admin page, switching to the Decision Makers tab, and clicking to add a new decision maker.) When asked if you'd like to create a petition associated with the decision maker, click no. 

Then follow the steps above. If the decision maker you'd like to use isn't showing in search results, make sure that you've added the decision maker to the effort's list of available targets. The search box on the petition admin page will only return decision makers already included in the effort.

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