FAQ: How do I change the images / petitions on the homepage?

As an organization administrator, you can update most of the content included on the homepage.

Use the image below as a guide to what you'd like to update:


The Featured Campaigns are the campaigns that admins have chosen to highlight on the homepage. To add a new campaign to the homepage, go to the petition's signature page and click "Admin." Near the bottom of the Details tab, in the Campaign Status section, is the option to add the campaign to the homepage. Once you click the + button, you'll be brought to the promoted petitions page (also accessible via: org admin homepage -> All petitions -> Promoted Petitions). From there, you can rearrange the list to reflect the order that you'd like to see on the homepage. Note that only three campaigns are shown on the homepage at one time.

If you'd like to update the Carousel, go to the admin homepage, click "Stories" under CMS, and click to add a new story. Fill out the fields and upload an image. Before saving, make sure that the "featured" box is checked. This will add the story to the front of the carousel. The most recently updated story will be displayed first, and older stories will be visible by clicking the navigation arrows. To completely remove a story from the homepage, go to "Stories" under CMS and click the appropriate story. Then, uncheck the 'featured' checkbox. Click to save and the story will be removed.

To update the Homepage Headline or Site Description, go to the admin homepage and click "Content" under CMS. Then go to the "Home" section and click the appropriate piece of text. Click to save your updates and the new text will be live immediately.

(CMS --> Content is where most of our update-able text is stored. If there are other pieces of content that you'd like to update, check there or see the CMS Content section of this help center.)

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