Partner Events and Calendars

In addition to campaigns, partner admins are also able to create calendars and events. We hope that allowing partner organizations to hold offline events will lead to more robust campaigns and more rewarding partnerships.

As an organization administrator, you'll be able to create partner events and calendars from the partnership's admin page. 

If you create an event from the normal events page, you can move it into the partnership by clicking the Events button and then clicking to "Move Event Into Partnership."

Once an event is associated with a partnership – either through initial creation or after being moved into a partnership – we'll include the partner's name and logo on the event page.


Additionally, we'll use the partnership's signature sharing rules to determine which RSVPs will be added to the partner's mailing list.

When an event is added to a partnership after creation, we'll also email the partner administrators to inform them that an event has been added to their partnership. They'll be able to view all of their partnership's events and calendars from their partnership's "manage" page.

To add a new event or calendar to their partnership, they'll just need to add /new to the end of the event or calendar list page's URL. (For example:, will be

From this 'manage' page, partner admins can view event responders by clicking to export their list. This export now includes both petition signatures and event RSVPs. Partner admins will be able to see which event the RSVP is from by looking in the event_slug column.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email.

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