...Hold a national day of action

Your organization wants to have a day of action for climate change awareness. You want to allow your supporters to easily search for their local event and create their own* if there isn’t an event happening in their area.

Setting Up the Calendar

To allow your supporters to take part in a day of action, you can use ControlShift’s calendars tool. To get started, create a new calendar. You’ll have a few options when creating the calendar, so you’ll want to consider:

  • Do you want to provide default text for the events? You can prefill the description, date, time, etc. Event creators will be able to edit this default text when creating their event, but this text will allow you to show the type of events you want users to create.

  • Do you want to skip moderation? By default events will need to be set to good or above in order to appear on the calendar. If you don’t want to moderate each new event, you can click to “set all events to good on creation.”

Recruiting Hosts

Once you’ve created your calendar, you need to recruit event hosts. To recruit hosts, consider using your CRM to send an email to your most committed supporters directing them to the calendar hub page.

Publicizing the Calendar

After events have been created, send an email to your existing list directing them to the calendar hub page. You can also share the hub page on social media.

From the hub page your supporters can find and RSVP to their local event. We’ll automatically send emails to the host and attendees immediately after they RSVP. Additionally, we’ll send them a reminder before the event. You can customize these emails if you’d like.

*Note that you can also use calendars for a set of events that are pre-selected by the organization. If you’re running this type of day of action, you should click to disable new event creation.


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