Message Flags and Pre-Moderation

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Within the groups toolset, group organizers are able to flag messages for review by org admins. When viewing the groups page as an org admin or group organizer, each message will include a flag icon.

When an organizer clicks the flag icon, s/he will be asked to give a reason for flagging the post.


After the message is flagged, the icon will turn red. This will be visible for all group organizers and org admins.

When a message is flagged, org admins who have opted to receive notifications about groups will be emailed that a post is in need of review and the post will be added to the post moderation queue.

To view flagged messages, go to the admin homepage, click "All" under "Local Groups," and choose the appropriate collection. Then click the the "Threads" button. There will be a link in the upper right corner for "Flagged Messages." All messages that are flagged will be included here.

From this page, you'll see the total number of flagged posts, the member who posted each message, the content of the flagged message, the group the message was posted in, and the number of times it was flagged. 

If you click the content link, you'll see the full message.

On this page you can click to view the full thread, and see the commenter's contact information. At the top of the right column, you can see the name of the person who flagged the message and the reason they provided for the flag. Here, click the button that corresponds to the correct action – either leave the message visible or delete it from the thread.

You can also decide if you'd like to remove the commenter from the local group. To remove a the commenter, check the "Also remove member from local group" checkbox before clicking to moderate the message. You'll be asked to confirm the action before the member is removed.

On this page, you'll also have the option of turning on pre-moderation for the commenter. With pre-moderation enabled, all posts from the commenter will need to be approved by org admins before the posts become visible to the group. To turn on pre-moderation, move the toggle to on. You can also turn pre-moderation on from the member's admin page (choose "Members" under "Manage" and search for the member in question).

When pre-moderation is enabled, the comment is not visible to the rest of the group until it has been approved by org admins. The comment will be visible to the poster, but will appear grayed out. 

When the comment is posted, an email will be sent to org admins informing them that the comment needs to be moderated. The moderation queue can also be viewed by going to the admin homepage, clicking "Local Groups", choosing the appropriate collection, and clicking the "Threads" button. Then, click the "Moderation" link in the upper-right corner, and go to the "Messages Marked for Premoderation" tab.

From here, you can approve or reject the message. If approved, the message will become visible to all forum members – it will be placed in the same order as it was posted. On this page you can also turn of pre-moderation, if the commenter no longer requires it.

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