TakeCharge and ActionKit

TakeCharge is currently configured to integrate with two CRMs, Blue State Digital and ActionKit. Using the ActionKit integration, you can automatically sync donation and donor details with your existing member records.

The first step to integrating your TakeCharge account with ActionKit is to create a donation page in AK. This donation page will hold all of the donation records for TakeCharge transactions.

When setting up the donation page, choose a title; edit the short name, if needed; and add any tags you'd like to use. Then, choose the payment account you'd like to use for transactions. These are the only fields that are required for TakeCharge.

Once you've created the donation page, return to and log in. Then, using the dropdown menu in the header, go to the settings page. From there click the CRM tab and choose ActionKit.

Here you'll be asked to enter your AK credentials, and the name of the donation page. Note that you should use the short name (in the case of the above screenshot, 'moneymoney'), not the title ('Money!'). Then set your default currency.

Once you've finished entering your CRM info, click save and you'll be able to test the integration. To do so, click the test button.

If the integration is configured correctly, you'll receive a green success banner.

Because TakeCharge allows supporters to use their own currency, you may receive donations from various currencies. For these donations, you can decide if you want the amounts of the donations to remain in the users currency, or be converted to your default currency, in the AK record. This is controlled by import stubs.

If your default currency is USD and you do not add any import stubs, then all donations will be added to ActionKit in USD. So if you receive a donation in GBP, we'll convert the amount to USD before creating the donation record.

If you want to keep the donation in the donor's currency, (so in this example, show the donation amount in GBP, even though your default currency is USD) you can do so by adding an import stub. First create the alternate currency payment account in ActionKit, then click "Add Stub" and enter the payment account's name and the currency into the form. 

Once you've entered the relevant information, click "Add" and the import stub will be added. Once you have an import stub for the currency, we'll pass the donation information to ActionKit without converting the amounts.


If you have any questions about TakeCharge/ActionKit integration or TakeCharge in general, please send us a support email to

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