TakeCharge and Blue State Digital

TakeCharge is currently configured to integrate with two CRMs, ActionKit and Blue State Digital. Using the Blue State Digital integration, you can automatically sync donor and donation details with your existing member records.

To get started, log into your BSD tools dashboard and go to the Administrative Tools. From here, create a new API user for TakeCharge, which should have the permissions needed to create donation records and update user details.

Once you've added the new API user, return to and log in. Then, click "Settings" from the dropdown menu, go to the CRM tab, and choose Blue State Digital.

Then enter your BSD host, and the API ID and API secret for the newly created API user. This information is available from the "Administrative Tools" screen that you're returned to after creating a new API user.

Once you've added the relevant information, click to save and TakeCharge will be connected to your BSD account.



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