Petition Events

The petition event feature was built to allow campaign creators to run more active campaigns. Once your organization has events turned on, the petition event feature will automatically be enabled for all petitions that have received more than 100 signatures and have been moderated to good or above. Once the petition passes these thresholds, a new tab will appear on the manage campaign page and a new "Organise Hand-In Event" option will appear in the "Deliver Petition" tab. 


After clicking into the "Organise Events" tab, the petition creator can quickly create an event that is associated with the petition.These events look like other events, except that they list the petition name on the event page.



During the petition event creation process, which is otherwise the same as the process for creating other events, the petition creator will have the option of inviting the current signers of their petition to join the event. The invitation will need to be approved by organization administrators before being sent.



Once the event has been created, organization administrators will need to moderate the event. If the event is set to good or above, new signers will be shown an event pop-up asking them if they want to attend the event.

You can also choose to show petition signers the normal social share pop up, followed by the event invitation pop up, and then the donation modal. This post-signing configuration can be set in the petition's admin settings. 

They can then RSVP to the event.

Like other events, petition events include a forum for hosts and attendees to discuss the event.

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