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When you're running a large effort, you may, at some point, wish to update the text of the petitions in the effort. For these updates, you can use the bulk update tool.

Note: Currently, it is not possible to add targets to an effort in bulk from the org admin UI. Instead, you'll need to send us your CSV of targets and we'll add them for you. 

Once you've added targets to the effort, you can quickly bulk update the petitions. To get started go to the admin homepage, click "Efforts," and click the name of the effort that you want to update. From the effort's manage page, click the link to "Export Petitions."

Once you've downloaded the CSV, click to open the file and you'll see the information that's included in the export.

Within this CSV, you can update many of the fields, including: the title, who, why, what, moderation status, and successful status. We do not recommend updating the petition's id or slug. (For a hint on quickly updating a column, see the bottom of this article.)

Once you've finished updating the CSV, save the file and return to the effort's manage page. Then, click "Update Petitions via CSV" and choose the correct file. Click "Save" and the fields that you've edited will be updated. You'll receive a success message when the upload is completed.

If you only need to update the moderation status and/or image, you can do so by clicking the "Bulk Update" button from the petition's manage page. From here, choose the appropriate moderation status and default image.


As a reminder, you can quickly update a column by adding new text to one cell, and then dragging the cell to the bottom of the column. Like this:


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