Events Run by Groups


An important part of the groups toolset is the ability for supporters to collaborate with, and get to know, other supporters in their area. To facilitate this, we've linked the groups and events to allow groups to run their own events. These events can be general meetings, social gatherings, or rallies to support local causes. 

Within the groups toolset, group organizers and org admins can create events that are associated with the group (instead of being hosted by a single individual). These events look like other events, except that they include an icon listing the local group and linking back to the group's page. Additionally, these events are displayed on the group's page, if they have been moderated to good.


These events are open to all attendees, both those who are members of the local group and those who are not. if someone who is not a member of the local group, but who already has an account on the site, RSVPs to the event, s/he'll be shown a popup explaining that s/he's been automatically subscribed to the group and allowing him/her to go to the group page.



If the person who are RSVPs to the event is not a member of the group and does not have an account on the site, s/he'll be asked to choose a password and create a full account. Whether or not s/he creates a full account, s/he will be automatically subscribed to emails from the group. If s/he does not want to receive emails from the group, s/he'll have the option of changing his/her subscription status or leaving the group altogether.


After receiving the RSVP confirmation email, users will also receive an email welcoming them to the local group. From this email, they can navigate to the local group's main page and update their subscription settings.



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