Introduction to Groups

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The groups feature allows your organization's supporters to organize and join groups of fellow supporters. Currently, these group are based on geography — 'Our organization's New York-based members group" – though we plan to expand the toolset to also allow non-geographically bound networks.

Our goal for these groups is to help your supporters feel more connected to one another and, by extension, more connected to your organization. We hope that these groups can also act as mini-labs for organizing — allowing members to work together to run campaigns, plan events, and foster leadership.

To get started with groups, go to the admin homepage and click "All" under "Local Groups". Then, click the button labeled "New Local Chapter Collection."

By default, your new collection will not be bound to a geographic collection. In the future, we may allow you to add geographic collections, but currently this functionality is not supported.

Next, choose a name for your group collection. This name is publicly visible. Then, decide if you want this collection to be you organization's default collection.

If you don't want users to be able to create new group, click the box labeled "Hide local chapter creation."

The text entered into "Content for lookup page" will appear on the collection's lookup page – the page that users go to when they want to find a group.

When a supporter goes to this lookup page and searches for their closest group, they'll be shown a list of existing groups that they can join. They'll also have the option of creating their own.

If the user does not want to join one of the existing groups, s/he can click to start a new groups. Users who are starting their own groups will be asked to provide some basic information about themselves, including their contact information, why they're interested in starting their own group, and what leadership experience they already have. Then, after completing the form, their application is sent to organization admins for approval.

As an org admin, you can either approve or deny the request for the new group. When approved, the group will be created and other members will be able to join.

When a user visits the page of an existing group that s/he is not a part of, either through the group lookup page, an email about the group, or a group-associated event, s/he will brought to a page displaying basic information about the group, including a brief description of its goals, a list of its organizers and members, and an upcoming event. From this page, the user is asked to join the group.

Once the user has joined, s/he will have full access to the group, which allows the user to start or add to a discussion, attend events associated with the group, and apply to be an organizer.

All members who are interested in being organizers are asked to complete the organizer application. These applications are then sent to org admins for approval. Once an organizer's request is approved, the user will be able to create new group-associated events and moderate the discussion forum.




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