Configuring Notification Settings

The notification settings page allows organization admins to decide which users should receive notifications about various events in the toolset.

To add a new email or update an existing email's notification settings, go to the admin homepage and click "settings." From this page, click the "notification settings" link included under Contact Information.

To add a new email, click the button labeled "add new notification method." After entering the new email address, choose which notifications should be sent. 

The notifications that users should receive will depend upon their organization's structure and whether they are assigned to a specific part of the toolset.

Organizations who assign the responsibilities for different areas of the toolset to specific staff members may find the following breakdown helpful.

  • For a user who is working solely on petitions, you'll probably want to include all of the notifications in the petitions heading, as well as notifications about partnership emails, members deleting their accounts, and petition events being created or updated.

  • For users working only on local groups, include notifications about group organizer requests — which will include users requesting to be organizers of existing groups and users requesting to start a new group — and events in local groups being created or updated. 

  • For users focusing on offline events, include all of the notifications in the events heading and notifications about members deleting their accounts. 

Regardless of your organization's structure, we recommend ensuring that every type of notification is sent to at least one admin at your organization.

If you need to change the notifications that an existing email receives, click "edit." To delete a method, choose "delete."

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