Moderation Changes

We want to highlight some changes that we've made to the petition and email moderation workflows.

For new petitions, you can now add and edit category selections from the moderation queue by clicking the pencil icon next to the category field. Then, click the check mark to save your selections.


If the petition creator did not include a location for the campaign, or if the location needs to be changed, this is now editable from the moderation queue as well. You can also edit the petition's image from here.

For edited petitions, you can now make additional changes to the fields that were edited by the petition creator. By clicking the pencil icon, you can edit the text of the petition starting from the current, edited text. If you'd prefer to make edits starting from the previously approved text, click the rewind button. 


For email moderation, we've implemented a feature that allows moderators to assign emails to themselves. This feature will allow an admin to work with the email creator to improve the email content, without having the work duplicated by other staff members. Now, to moderate a petition, you'll first need to assign it to yourself by clicking "I will review."

The assignment of the email is then reflected in the email moderation queue.

Once the email is assigned to you,  you'll have access to the email moderation bar. From here, you can moderate the email as you normally would.


Are there other options you'd like to have in the moderation queue?



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