Help for New Translators

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Once you've been added as a new ControlShift translator, you'll receive an email from our translation manager, LocaleApp.

If you already have an account on LocaleApp or Github, you can log in to get started. Otherwise, you'll need to create a new account. Once you've signed in or created a new account, you'll need to click the activation link included in the email. Clicking this link will add you to the ControlShift project, known as 'Agra'.

After confirming activation, you'll be brought to this page, which lists all of the people allowed to contribute to Agra. From here, click the button labeled "woodhull agra."

This will bring you to a page that shows your available translations. To start translating, click the ">" button at the right-end of the row.

This will bring you to the actual translation page, where all of the available keys are displayed. From here, you can filter by the status – that is, filter by translations that are completed, those that are incomplete, or show all – or you can filter by location. To filter by location, click the folder that you want to work on.

From here, click any box labeled "Click to enter text / translation" to enter the new translation. The text included in the en box (labeled here with an American flag) is what the final text should translate to. If you need to edit translated text, click the translation that you want to edit.

After entering the new / edited text, click "Update" and the translation key will be marked as complete. When you've finished editing a page, click the ">" button included after the key count. If you're translating by folder and have completed the keys in your active folder, click the "<--" button to return to the previous folder.

When you're done with translating, let us know and we'll make the translation live. If you have any questions as you work through the keys, send us an email to

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