Moderation Workflow for Emails

Petition creators and partner organization administrators are able to contact supporters using the blast email functionality included in the toolset. When the email creator clicks to send their email, it is added to the email moderation queue.

Your organization's admins will be notified when there is an email in need of moderation. You can also go to the email moderation queue by clicking "moderation" under "blast emails" from the admin home page.

The email moderation queue lists all of the emails in need of moderation, the petition or partnership that they are related to, and the number of recipients. To moderate an email, click the email's subject.

After clicking the subject, you'll be brought to the email. Click "I will review" to assign the email to yourself. This will allow you to edit the email, or work with the email creator to improve the email, without the email being approved or denied by another admin.


Once an email is assigned to a staff person, the email moderation queue will be updated to reflect this assignment. Emails that are already being reviewed by staff members will have a note next to the subject. (If necessary, you can un-assign an email and re-assign it to yourself for moderation.)

Once you've assigned the email to yourself, you'll be able to moderate it using the administrative tools banner.

There are five moderation categories for emails: pending, in review, approved, inappropriate, and suppressed.

Emails in the pending category have not yet been assigned to an administrator.

In review emails have been assigned to an administrator, but have not been moderated. 

Emails marked as approved will be sent to petition signers.

Inappropriate emails will not be sent to signers, but the petition creator will be notified that the email has been marked as inappropriate and will have the option of editing the email to make it compliant with community guidelines.

Suppressed emails will not be sent to signers and the petition creator will not be notified that the email was not sent.

While in the moderation queue, organization administrators also have the option of editing the email by clicking "edit content," located beneath the moderation button.

[For those following the new CSL Organization Admin tutorial, congratulations! You've completed the petition creation and moderation modules. We're going to briefly look at the signer experience.]

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