Outdated: Setting up SSL

UPDATE 11 April 2016: We no longer require SSL to be set up on an organization-by-organization basis. By default, all organizations will now have SSL enabled through LetsEncrypt.

If you'd like to set up SSL on your ControlShift site, begin by sending us an email to In your email, please include the following information about your organization:

- Country
- State / Province
- City
- Organization's name
- Organization's unit name (i.e.: 'IT', but it can be left blank)
- Contact email address

Once we've received that information, we'll generate a certificate request for you, which you can then use to purchase the certificate from the certificate authority of your choice.

Once you've purchased your certificate, send it back to us and we'll finish setting up SSL. Then, you'll need to update your CNAME. 

If you send us a support email, we'll walk you through the whole process.

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