Retreat Roadmap

As some of you know, the five of us recently held our first full-team retreat in New York City. During the retreat we discussed our priorities for the future of the petition platform and the rest of our toolset. We wanted to share our main priorities with you and get your feedback. If you agree with something we've identified, let us know; if you think we're missing something important, let us know.

Our top priorities were:

1. Linking together our various tools (petitions, donations, networks, and events) so that they integrate more closely with one another.

2. Mobile responsiveness of all screens.

3. Creating a self-service option for small organizations and single wildfire campaigns.

4. More frequent a/b testing.

5. Increased security, including SSL and two-factor authorization for global and organization administrators.

6. Better multilingual support.

7. Creating a map of signers' locations, displayed in real time, from across our toolset.


Here are the rest of the ideas we discussed, by category.


  • A public-facing page of top campaigns from across the toolset.
  • A map of recent signers' locations from across the toolset, displayed in real time.
  • From this page, include a "start a petition" button that links to a list of our organizations so that they can choose where to start their petition.

Existing Customers:

  • Have a monthly check-in call with a customer chosen from a hat. Hour long conversation that we're all in on.

Petition Creators' and Signers' Experiences:

  • Fix offline PDF generator (for collecting offline signatures) to support custom fields.
  • Display QR code on offline signature pdf as a way to sign the petition.
  • Update the text of emails sent to petition creators. Include more tips/information about the lifecycle of the campaign.
  • Connect petition creators to volunteers (people who have previously run successful campaigns) in their area who can help them run their campaign.
  • Send emails retargeting petition creators, including those who started a petition, but didn't finish the creation process.
  • Have a decision-maker version of the petition (including a larger total signature display).
  • After signing, make the 'reason why you're signing' box more visible. 
  • After signing, include the option to send a personal email to the target.
  • After signing, connect signers locally/ask if they want to host an event.
  • After signing, link to a petition on another CSL customer's site? Customers would sell the space to other customers.
  • After signing, suggest other petitions within that organization's site.
  • After a petition creator downloads the pdf for delivery, ask for and provide space for them to report back on the delivery.

Petition Admin Experience:

  • Better partner dash for admins of the partner organization.
  • Better user experience for efforts/pages. Include a signature counter on the hub page of landing pages.


  • Frequent a/b testing.
  • User metrics, including signature conversions, etc. which are published in a separate, public database. Use this information to see how various new features affect signature rates.


  • Mobile responsiveness of all screens.
  • Sign petitions via text for emerging markets.


  • Basic translation of petitions, with an option to add new, crowd-sourced translation and with the ability to track translators to identify trusted translators.
  • Better multi-lingual support.
  • Match political terms to county (minister, congressman, etc.).
  • Improved engineering process to ensure Spanish translations.


  • Get SSL certs on all sites.
  • Two factor authorization for global and organization administrators.


  • Facilitate phone banking "yes" responders. Allow for one or more volunteers to call simultaneously.
  • Allow admins to easily create 'Meet Your Congressman' events.
  • CRM tools that allow admins to manage event hosts and provide help if necessary.
  • Create organization-specific and CSL-wide events home pages.


  • Set up recurring donations.
  • Better TakeCharge integration.
  • Customizable donation widgets.

The Money:

  • Set up a recurring payment option for organizations that pay by credit card.
  • Create a self-service option for small organizations and wildfire campaigns.
  • Include a banner on the admin side of the toolset if an organization is overdue.

Platform Integration:

  • Link everything together.


Are we missing anything? We'd like to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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