Moderation Workflow for Ended Petitions

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When a campaign creator decides to end their campaign, they can do so by going to the petition's manage screen. 

After clicking to end their campaign, a pop-up box will appear asking the petition creator for more information about why they've decided to stop their campaign.

Ended campaigns are added to the moderation queue with the status "ended," pending admin approval.



By clicking on the ended campaign's title, you'll be brought to the petition's moderation page. 

This page includes the information provided by the petition creator when they ended their campaign, including whether the campaign was won or lost and their reason for ending it.

From here, admins can choose to approve the ending of the campaign or reactivate it, if they feel it should continue.

If the admin decides to end the campaign, they can choose whether or not to publish the campaign creator's story to the petition's signature page. Admins can edit this story, if they'd like, or they can leave this box blank, which will remove the text from the ended campaign banner.

If you choose to reactivate the campaign, the petition signature page will continue to look as it did before. 

If you click to approve the ending of a successful campaign, the petition page will be updated to include the success story and the successful petition badge. Additionally, the petition's timeline will be updated to reflect the number of signatures the petition had at the time it was marked as successful.



For lost campaigns, you can also decide whether or not to publish the petition creator's ended story. Keep in mind, if you decide to publish the ended story, the campaign will automatically be marked as ended. Like successful campaigns, the ended story will appear at the top of the petition's signature page; however, these lost campaigns will not display the successful campaigns badge nor will their timeline be updated.

If the petition creator chooses to reactivate the campaign after its ending has been approved, the petition will be returned to the moderation queue and given the status "reactivated." This article will give you more information about moderating reactivated petitions.

In addition to the actions of petition creators, administrators can also choose to mark petitions as successful from the admin view of the petition. Begin by going to the petition, and clicking "Admin." Scroll to the bottom of this page and click "Admin Settings." From here, click the box labeled "Mark petition as successful." A text box will appear allowing you to share the petition's success story.

[If you're following the new CSL admin tutorial, we'll look at spam petitions next.]

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