Updating Content Included in the Efforts Page

By navigating to "Content" under "CMS" and choosing "Efforts," organization admins can edit the text associated with efforts created on the ControlShift platform.

The "Specific Target Help" section is included under the heading "How This Works" on the right of the effort's landing page.


If a target in an effort does not have a local leader, users viewing the petition will be brought to a page asking them whether they'd like act as a local leader or just sign the petition.


If the user clicks the "What will I need to do?" link under the "I'll be a leader" button, a description of commitment will pop up. The text of this pop-up is editable by choosing "Leader Duty" under "CMS --> Content --> Efforts."



If the user commits to leading the campaign, the content included in "Training Text" will be displayed, with the "Training Sidebar Text" located on the right.


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