Updating Content on the Petition Manage Page

Organization administrators can edit the content included in the petition creator's manage page by navigating to "Content" under "CMS" and clicking "Petition Manage."

The Email Supporters, Offline Signatures, Delivery Petition, Contact Org, Edit Petition, and Training Labels sections change the text included in the toolbar on the right of the petition manage pane.


Likewise, the Edit Petition, Hide Petition, and Reactivate Petition labels control the smaller links located in the same toolbar.

The popover sections allow you to set the text that appears when a petition creator hovers over a specific area. For example, the "hide petition popover" will appear as below:

You can also edit the content that appears when a petition creator chooses to collect signatures in person or when s/he decides to deliver his/her petition. The "Delivery Petition Page Content" section controls the text displayed beneath the "Download Printable Petition PDF" button on the delivery page.

Likewise, the "Offline Signatures Page Content" section controls the text displayed when a signer clicks to collect signatures in person.

For petitions that are included in a partnership, we will include the partnership's pdf disclaimer, if it's been set by admins. If the pdf disclaimer has not been set, we'll use the default, global pdf partnership disclaimer, which says "You also agree to [partnership name] keeping you informed about their campaigns." If you'd like to set a different, default pdf disclaimer, you can do so by clicking to edit the "Default PDF signature disclaimer for partnerships" which is included in Content --> Petitions.

Additionally, you can also edit the email templates that are included at the bottom of the "Email Supporters" page. 

To edit these templates go to "Content" under "CMS" and click "Blast Email Templates." You can edit the entirety of these emails, including the subject included on the left of the template chooser and the email's body.

In the footer of these blast emails, we also include unsubscribe text and a request to create a new petition. The request for a new petition can be edited by going to "Content" under "CMS," then clicking "Petitions" and choosing "Start Campaign ask in blast email footers."


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