Adding Additional Administrators

As an organization administrator, you can grant other users admin privileges.

To make another user an org admin, you'll first need to determine if the person has already created an account on the platform. You can search for their account by entering their email into the search box displayed on the People page  ("Manage" -> "People").


If the user has already created a full account, you'll be brought to their member record page. From here, go to the Teams tab and click the "Add User To A Team" button. Then, select the team you'd like to add the user to. 

If the user has not created an account, you can send them an invitation. To send an invitation, go to the People page and click the Teams link.

From the Teams page, click the team that the user will be added to. Then click to "Add User" and enter their email.

We'll send an invitation to the user. When they click the link and create their account, they'll automatically be given the privileges associated with their team.

If you need to create a new team, this article will tell you how.


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