Connecting TakeCharge and ControlShift

Interested in taking donations on your ControlShift site? This article will walk you through the steps to link your TakeCharge account to your ControlShift site.

For a walkthrough of setting up a new TakeCharge account, please see this article.

After completing the setup of your new TakeCharge account, go to your organization's ControlShift site and choose "Donations," under "Manage" in the admin toolbar. 

Click "Connect TakeCharge" to link your TakeCharge account. Once TakeCharge is connected, this page will give you information about the donations being made on your ControlShift site and will allow you to preview the donations widget.

By clicking the settings button, you can return to your Stripe and TakeCharge dashboards. You can also set default content for the donation modal, including its title, ask, and thank you message. Returning to the Manage --> Donations page, the "Petitions" page allows you to quickly view all of the petitions that have been specifically configured to display the donation ask.

To view an individual petition, click its title. The gear icon on the right will bring you directly to the petition's admin settings page. This allows you to quickly update the petition's post-signature settings and update the default widget text to be more specific to the individual petition. (If the donation ask is using specific text, instead of the default, a check box will appear in the appropriate column.)

If you'd like to see which petitions are generating the most donations, click the "Performance" button.

If you'd like to enable the donations by default on all petitions, return to the admin homepage and click "After Signing". After you've connected to TakeCharge, the option to "enable petitions by default on all petitions" will be added to your after-signature options.

If you decide that you'd like to turn off the donations option for a single petition, you can do so by going to the petition's admin settings page (by going to the petition's signature page, clicking the "admin" button and then clicking "admin settings") and then choosing a different post-signature option.

Once you've turned donations on for a petition, the donation ask will be included after a signer is asked to share the petition on Facebook and Twitter. When the signer closes the share box or chooses to skip the sharing step, the donation box appears. The widget streamlines the donation process to make it as easy as possible for the donor. 


The currency is automatically updated based on the donor's country. After choosing the amount of the donation, the donor is asked for their basic information.

After entering their credit card information, the donation is complete.

If you'd like to view the donation history for a single petition, you can do so by returning to your TakeCharge dashboard and choosing "Charges" from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, by going to the petition, clicking "Admin" and scrolling to the donations section, you can see a high-level overview of the donations made on a particular petition. For more detailed information about the individual donations, click "List of individual donations".  From this page you can see each donation, view the donation on your Stripe dashboard and click to view the member record.


If you have any questions about setting up TakeCharge with your ControlShift account, please send an email to



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