Sustainability Policy

In addition to the positive environmental impacts we're able to facilitate through the work our customers do every day, we are also committed to increasing the sustainability of our operations and reducing our negative impact on the environment. This commitment applies not just to our internal business operations — but those of our vendors and collaborators in the sector.

 As a software as a service technology company, we contract with a number of outside providers to support the services we provide to our customers. In general, when selecting a service provider, sustainability is one of our prime concerns, along with performance, reliability and technical excellence. As we move forward, we will continue to evaluate the environmental impact of the organizations we contract with and will use this information when deciding to renew our contracts. In instances where we feel there is room for improvement, we will pressure our service providers to commit to renewable energy and increase the sustainability of their offerings. For those vendors who are not able to meet our sustainability standards, we use alternate mechanisms to help mitigate emissions impacts, including renewable energy credits and carbon offsets for our energy usage, while maintaining a long-term goal of using 100 percent renewable energy to host our data and power our technical infrastructure. Additionally, we will work with other members of the progressive movement’s technology community to share sustainability best practices and increase accountability and transparency with regard to sustainability as sector norms.

As part of our broader strategy of decreasing our organization’s environmental impact, we are also evaluating the non-technical areas of our operations. A portion of our plan for sustainability includes continuing practices that we already have in place, including an emphasis on telecommuting and a commitment to being as paperless as possible. However, as a distributed team that does sometimes require in-person meetings, we recognize that travel is the largest percentage of our carbon footprint. In order to lessen our impact, we purchase carbon offsets to mitigate the effects of air travel and make an effort to stay in LEED certified hotels, when possible. In the future, we will continue to evaluate the sustainability of all areas of our operations and will work with our partners to ensure we are doing all we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We will continue to report on these efforts annually as part of our annual regulatory filings as a New York Benefit Corporation.
Our work to improve our environmental sustainability is a continuing journey — but one that we’re excited to be on.
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