Introduction to TakeCharge

TakeCharge ( is a fundraising platform, optimized for international donations, and using best-practices from the Obama campaign and others.

Used with the main ControlShift petition toolset, TakeCharge allows you to accept donations site-wide or on a petition-by-petition basis.   

We envision organizations using this tool to:

  • Raise money for your operations, as a secondary ask, after you ask people to sign a campaign.
  • Raise money to fund grants to petition starters or other creative ways to pass on funding to local campaigns.
  • Raise funds to offset the costs of staging a protest or other action.

Have other awesome ideas for how to integrate fundraising into distributed organizing? Let us know! 



Q:Why would I use TakeCharge when I can just set an after-signature redirect to a donation page on our main CRM?

A: There are a few advantages to using TakeCharge instead of an after-signature redirect. First, TakeCharge is an optimized three-step donation form that uses design best practices from some of the most successful online fundraising programs. Additionally, because the widget is included on the ControlShift petition page, your supporters won't need to be redirected to a new page before donating. Instead, the donation tool will maintain the look and feel of the petition tool. Also, because the donation ask is included after the social share, you won't have to choose between a social share pop up and a donation ask. Finally, unlike a petition-by-petition after signature redirect, the TakeCharge widget can be configured globally on every petition.


Q: Is TakeCharge PCI compliant? How secure is TakeCharge?

A: TakeCharge is built on top of Stripe, which processes all of the credit card payments. We at ChangeSprout/ControlShift don't touch or see any credit card information. For more info about Stripe, you can visit their website and their security page.


Q: Does TakeCharge only work with donations in US Dollars or can it accept other currencies too?

A: Organizations based in the US, Europe, and Australia can accept donations in almost any currency. Stripe publishes a list of currencies that it currently accepts, which it is quickly expanding. Within TakeCharge, the widget will automatically update to reflect the currency appropriate to the donor's country.


Q: My organization doesn't have a US Bank account, can I still use TakeCharge?

A: Yes! Stripe is currently available in 18 countries.  


Q: What type of data will I see if I use TakeCharge?

A: We're still refining TakeCharge's analytics, but the dashboard will display each petition's fundraising total and its signature to donation ratio. Additionally, at the organization level, the toolset will display global totals for each day and how they compare to the previous days, weeks, and months. From the dashboard, organization admins will also be able to quickly see which petitions are leading to the most donations.


Q: Are there additional features you're considering adding in the future?

A: Yes! Organization admins will be able to run a/b tests to determine the most effective donation ask. Additionally, for signers, TakeCharge will automatically update the amount of the donation ask to reflect the signer's previous donation history.


Q: Does TakeCharge integrate with my CRM?

A: TakeCharge currently integrates with ActionKit. Blue State Digital integration is in progress and we plan to add additional CRM integrations in the future.


Q: Do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee for TakeCharge?

A: There is no monthly fee associated with TakeCharge. The price for TakeCharge is 3.9% + $.30 per transaction.


Q: I'd like to try TakeCharge. How do I get started?

A: To get started, go to and create an account. Then choose "Donations" under "Manage" from the ControlShift administrative view and follow the instructions. Step-by-step instructions for setting up your new TakeCharge account are also included in this help center. 

If you have any additional questions or if you need help setting up your TakeCharge account, send us a support email.


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