Moderation Workflow for Spam Petitions

Recently some of our organizations have been having problems with spam petitions being created on their site. To combat this, we've created a range of features to detect spam and make it easier to manage. 

We've implemented a spam filter that scans petition text and moderates petitions accordingly. If our filter detects spam during the creation process, the campaign creator will be asked to enter a captcha. (We can also require a captcha for all petitions created on your organization's site. If you'd like to require a captcha, please send a request to

After creation, administrators can easily view petitions and manage spam using the spam view.

This screen, located in the admin tools under "Petitions," provides different views to make the moderation of spam petitions easier. The "Recent" view shows the most recently created petitions. You can quickly mark a petition as spam by clicking the button on the right.


The "Spam" option shows all petitions that have been marked as spam by org admins or by our spam filter. 


If a petition in this view is not spam, moderators can click the check button to remove its spam status. When a petition is marked as not spam, it is returned to the moderation queue and given unreviewed status. The x button permanently deletes the petition. If all of the petitions in this view are spam, you can delete them in bulk by clicking the "Remove All Spam Petitions" button.

Like the "Recent" view, the "Not Spam" view allows you to quickly mark a petition as spam. Additionally, if all the petitions in the view are spam, you can choose "Mark Entire Page As Spam".


In each of these views, marking petitions as spam or not spam will help refine our spam filter. Petitions marked as spam behave like petitions marked as inappropriate: even with a direct link, the petition is not visible to site visitors. Campaign creators are notified when their petition has been marked as spam and are allowed to edit the petition or send a message to org admins.


If a campaign creator has three petitions marked as spam, his/her account is automatically locked and s/he will not be able to log in unless the account is unlocked by org admins. Org admins can view a list of locked accounts by clicking "Spam" under "Petitions" and choosing the "Locked Users" view.


By clicking the user's email address, you can choose to unlock the user's account.

Alternatively, org admins can manually lock a user's account by searching for the user's email under "Manage," "Members" and clicking "Lock Account".




[For those following the new CSL organization admin tutorial, we'll wrap up moderation by looking at email moderation.


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