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We've implemented a new setting that, when enabled, displays a welcome message to signers who are new to your organization. We realize that many signers who have been brought to the petition site by a friend or family member may not be familiar with the organization itself. Using this modal you can introduce your organization to new signers and provide information about the work you're doing.

We hope that this modal will encourage new signers to learn more about your organization and take additional action, whether that is signing additional petitions, donating, or creating their own petition. By encouraging additional action, we hope that these new members will become active supporters, instead of signing one petition and never being heard from again.

Currently, after a user clicks to sign a petition, a social share pop up is displayed followed by a donation ask, if your organization has TakeCharge enabled.

When the welcome modal is enabled, this sequence will remain the same for returning users. However for new members, the welcome message will appear after the social share pop up. 

The video below shows the sequence for both new and returning users.


Q: How does ControlShift know if a user is new?

A: After a user clicks to sign a petition, ControlShift queries your CRM (currently, Blue State Digital, ActionKit, Engaging Networks, and Salsa) to see if the member is new. When the user closes the social share pop up, ControlShift checks to see if the CRM has responded with whether the user is new or not. If it has, the welcome modal is shown to new members and not shown to existing members. If the CRM has not responded, or if you are not using a CRM listed above, then the modal is displayed, or not, based on whether the signer is new to your ControlShift database.

Q: Will my TakeCharge donation ask still display?

A: Only for returning members. For new users, this welcome modal will take the place of the donation ask. If a new user clicks the donate button, then the TakeCharge ask will appear. 

Q: What happens if a new user clicks one of the buttons?

A: If a user clicks to start a campaign, their petition will be tagged with the source code "welcome."

If the user clicks to see more campaigns, they'll be brought to the site directory.

If they click to donate, the TakeCharge donation widget will appear. You can also configure the donation button to link to an external site by adding the donation URL to the box labeled "Destination URL for the 'Make a donation' button in the welcome modal," which is included in the admin settings page.

Q: Are the buttons and title always orange?

A: No, the buttons and title will be displayed in your site's accent color.

Q: Cool! How do I turn this on for my organization?

A: To enable the welcome modal, go to "settings" from the admin panel and check the box labeled "Show a welcome message to new members who sign petitions."

You can then customize the text that appears in the modal by going to "Content" under "CMS" and clicking "Petitions." This content is editable by clicking "Text for Welcome Modal" and "Title for Welcome Modal."

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