Supporting Additional Languages

Are you interested in making your toolset available to speakers of other languages? The ControlShift toolset is currently fully translated into German, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Portuguese. We also have support for Japanese, though it hasn't been fully tested. Additionally, the majority of the toolset has also been translated into French.

This article will walk you through allowing site visitors to view your site in one of the fully translated languages. If you're interested in using one of the partially translated languages, or a language not listed above, click here.

If you want to use one of the completed translations, go to the admin page and click "Settings" under "Manage." In the "Time Zone and Locale" section , there is a link to "Manage Locales."



From this page you can click to add additional languages. (The id codes used for these translations are at the bottom of this article.) After clicking to add a new language, it will be added to the "Beta Locales" section of this page. Languages included in "Beta Locales" are not visible to site visitors until they are published. (To remove a language from the beta locales, click the x button.)

The percent translated column refers to the percent of your organization-specific text that has been translated into the new language. This text includes items like your terms of services, privacy policy, and site explanation. To see the pieces of text that need to be translated, click the translate button.

This page will show the percentage of each part of the site that has been translated. If you click one of the content categories, it will show the individual pieces of text included in that category and what languages they have been translated into.

To add translations for these pieces of text, click on their name. (The page that is displayed is also viewable from "Content" under "CMS," which is the route you would normally take to update these texts in your primary language.) The list of enabled translations is included at the bottom of the this page. Choose the appropriate locale and click "translate." 

The translation page will show the primary language text. Just enter the translated text and click to save.

If you need to edit the translation at any time, you can return to the manage locales page under "Settings" and click to edit. You can also edit translations by navigating to "Content" under "CMS" and clicking the appropriate section. 

Once you've completed translating your text into the chosen language, return to the manage locales page and click to publish the translation. This will move the translation from Beta–which is only visible to site admins–and add it to supported locales, which are visible to all site visitors.

Once your site has more than one published language, a language drop down will be added to the footer and will be visible to site visitors.





Adding Additional Translations

If you're interested in adding a translation other than English, German, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, and Swedish, send us a support email ( We use a translation app for our site, so if you have a staff person or volunteer who is fluent in your desired language they can easily contribute to the translation. 





ControlShift Supported Languages

Language ID Code
Dutch  NL
English  EN
French  FR
German  DE
Hindi  HI
Indonesian  ID
Japanese  JA
Norwegian  NO
Portuguese  pt-BR
Spanish  ES
Swedish  SV
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