Updating Default Email Text

Organization administrators can edit the text of default emails by navigating to "Content" under "CMS" and clicking "Email."

The "Thank You Email for New Signers" and the "Forward After Signing Email" are sent in the same email, immediately after a user signs a petition. The thank you email appears first and the forward after signing email follows. 

The "Welcome Email for New Campaigners" is sent after a user creates a petition. The email includes a sample email that can be sent by the petition creator to friends and family.

The "Promote Email: Launch Kicker" is sent if a user starts the petition creation process, but does not complete the process. 

The "Promote Email: Encourage" is automatically sent to a petition creator when the petition reaches 90 signatures. This email also introduces the email supporters feature to the petition creator.

The "Promote Email: Reminder When Dormant" is sent to a petition creator when one week has passed without activity on their petition.

The "Promote Email: Achieved Signature Goal" is sent to a petition creator when a petition reaches 100 signatures.

For organizations that have pre-moderation of petitions enabled, there are two additional emails that will be automatically sent to petition creators. Instead of the "Welcome Email for New Signers," petition creators will automatically receive the "Pre-moderation Email for New Campaigns" when they create a new petition. After the petition has been moderated and is live on the site, the creator will receive the "New Campaign Approved Email."


In addition to editing the emails automatically sent to petition creators and signers, organization admins can also edit the templates provided as examples to petition creators. These templates are included at the bottom of the Email Supporters page, accessible from the petition's manage pane.

To edit these templates go to "Content" under "CMS" and click "Blast Email Templates." You can edit the entirety of these emails, including the subject included on the left of the template chooser and the email's body.

In the footer of these blast emails, we also include unsubscribe text and a request to create a new petition. The request for a new petition can be edited by going to "Content" under "CMS," then clicking "Petitions" and choosing "Start Campaign ask in blast email footers."

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