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    Hi, is there any way to update the unsubscribe text in the footer of the blast emails? We thought people might not be clear that they won't get emails about any future campaigns. 

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    Kristyn Arrighi

    Hey @Eliot: No, unfortunately we don't currently allow customization of that text.

    (Also, just to make clear, if someone unsubscribes from a blast email, they're usually only unsubscribing from that petition's discrete mailing list. So they'll still receive emails about other campaigns that they've previously signed within the platform and they'll be subscribed to updates for any petitions that they sign in the future. The "usually" qualification is because we do support 'global unsubscribes': https://controlshiftlabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206212968-Global-Unsubscribes, but that's not the default behavior.)

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