Updating Elements on the Petition Creation and Signature Pages

Organization administrators can control a lot of the user experience for creating petitions and collecting signatures by navigating to "content" under "CMS." All of the following sections are included under the "petition" section of "content."

As a user starts a petition on the ControlShift site, help boxes will appear – as displayed below:

You can change the text in these help boxes by clicking "Petitions" under "Content" and choosing the appropriate "Form Help" field.

While the Facebook page and external site URL fields are not displayed on the initial petition creation form, they are available from the edit petition screen.

By default, the signature form asks for the signer's post code. However, you can change this field to 'zip code' by clicking the "Postcode Label" link.

The "New Petition Lede" section allows you to include text above the create a petition form. When enabled, this is what the petition creation form will look like (with a video embedded):

The "Phone Number Help" and "Phone Number Label" sections control the phone number field on the signature signing page. The phone number help section appears when a visitor clicks the question mark next to the signature field.


To update signature disclaimers, see the article in this help center.



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