How To: Mark Petition as Successful

Congratulations on your successful campaign! 

To mark the petition as a success, go to the petition and click the "Admin" button located next to the title. Next, click the "Settings" tab, and check the box labeled "Mark petition as successful." A text box will appear asking for an ended story – this story will be displayed on the petition's signature page.

Click to save and the petition's signature page will be automatically updated. First, the ended story will be displayed in a box below the petition's title. Next, the petition's timeline will be updated with the number of signatures the petition had at the time it was marked as a success. Finally, a success ribbon will appear designating that the campaign was a success. If a user clicks on the banner they'll be taken to a page that lists all of the successful campaigns on the platform.

To make successes even more prominent to your site visitors, consider adding a story about the campaign to the homepage carousel. You can link to the petition's signature page or to a blog post explaining the background of the campaign and how you made it a success. Learn how to add a story to the homepage.


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