When site visitors sign or create petitions, we perform a number of steps to make sure that the signature is properly represented inside ActionKit as a user and a related action record. 

First, when a petition is created, we automatically create an import page in ActionKit that mirrors the petition. Each import page in ActionKit is given a "ControlShift" tag to allow you to identify the auto-generated page and tagged with the ControlShift categories associated with that petition. The category tags are in the format: ControlShift Category: {{{ category name }}}.

The import pages will have the ActionKit page title "ControlShift: {{{petition.title}}}" and the ActionKit page name "controlshift-{{{petition.slug}}}," as well as an appropriate lang_id for the petition's language. If the petition was created under a partnership, the import page will be tagged with "ControlShift Parner: {{name-of-the-partnership}}.


When an event is created in ControlShift, an event is also created in ActionKit which reflects the event information, including the date and time, location, and event host. This event is contained in an ActionKit Event Campaign.

  • For events associated with petitions, the Event Campaign is "ControlShift: Petition Events"
  • For events associated with local groups, the Event Campaign is “ControlShift: Local Group Events"
  • For standalone events, the Event Campaign is “ControlShift: Standalone Events”
  • For events in a calendar, the Event Campaign will include the name of the calendar

The AK Action Histories for event hosts and those who RSVP will be updated with their respective actions. For hosts, the Action Histories will show EventCreate, and for RSVPers it will show EventSignup.

The expanded view of the user's Action History will include the name and AK number of the event, as well as the event's Event Campaign, and the user's role in the event. Attendees will also be tagged with a custom action field that reflects their RSVP status – this “controlshift_attending:” field will either be tagged as attending, not_attending, or waiting_list.

Attendees and hosts will also be tagged with ControlShift (in the “Show User's Tags” section of their AK member record.)


  • If an event has an end time, the event is synced to ActionKit, but the end time is not included in ActionKit. This is because ActionKit doesn't recognize end dates / times.
  • If an event is canceled and/or deleted, the event is not canceled or deleted in ActionKit. This is because ActionKit doesn't allow for canceling and deleting.
  • When a user RSVPs to an event created before the ActionKit Events sync, the user will not be synced to ActionKit. RSVP information will still be included in the event export CSV.


For each signature and RSVP we create an action with the following fields:

zip: controlshift postcode
created_at: signature created timestamp
home_phone: controlshift phone_number if present
list: 1 (unless otherwise specified by customer)
lang_id: AK language_id for petition language
source: signature source code (can be applied by source=foo url parameter)
action_bucket: signature bucket code (can be applied by bucket=foo url parameter)
country: controlshift country name

If the user takes action using a URL with a referring AKID, we sync that information.


action_categories: controlshift category slugs based on the petition's categories when the signature occurred. Any custom petition fields will also be included in action_categories.

For each user, the action will include a specification of "signer" or "creator" depending on the user's role.

For the user who created the petition, we also create a second action with the same parameters on the "ControlShift Petition Creators" page in addition to the action record on the petition import page. 

If the user signed a petition created under a partnership, the user will be tagged with ControlShift Partner: {{name-of-the-partnership}}.

The ActionKit integration has support for custom fields. These must be setup on a per-organisation basis and can have custom mappings from ControlShift custom fields to ActionKit custom fields.

The ActionKit integration also supports one-click-signatures for emails that originate from ActionKit. 


controlshift_attending: attendees are tagged with a custom action field that reflects their RSVP status, either “controlshift_attending:attending,” “controlshift_attending:not_attending,” or “controlshift_attending:waiting_list”


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