Moderation Workflow for Edited Petitions

Campaign creators can edit their petitions by clicking "Edit Petition" from the petition's manage page. The fields that are included in the new petition creation form can be edited from here. There are also additional fields that allow the campaign creator to share petition delivery details or link to a campaign site.

When a campaign creator clicks to edit his/her petition, the changes that s/he makes are automatically visible to site visitors. 

For small petitions (petitions with less than 100 signatures), these edits will be sent to the moderation queue automatically. However, when a petition has more than 100 signatures at the time of editing, the petition creator will be asked to provide a reason for changing the text. This reason and the edits to the petition will be added to the moderation queue, where they can be approved or rejected by organization administrators. This behavior is aimed at discouraging petition creators from changing the text of their petition after people have already signed.



Once the petition creator clicks to update the petition, the changes are made live and the petition is returned to the admin queue. A notification is also sent to the organization's admins.

To moderate an edited petition, click the petition title. The page you're brought to will show detailed information about the edits that have been made, including changes to the text fields, category selections, and the petition image. Additions to text fields are underlined and highlighted in green, while deletions are struckthrough and highlighted in red. In addition to the edits themselves, the petition creator's reason for editing is displayed with the proposed changes.

From this pane, admins can choose to approve the changes, roll back to the previous version, or make additional edits.

To make edits to the fields displayed on this page, click either the pencil or rewind buttons. Clicking the pencil will allow you to make changes starting from the new text, while clicking the rewind button will allow you to edit the field starting from the old text.

You can also edit the petition more thoroughly, including fields not displayed on this page, by clicking the edit button. If you want to prevent the petition creator from editing a field in the future, you can click to lock the field.

If you choose to approve the changes, the petition will be returned to its previous moderation status, which is included in the "moderation" box. You can choose a different moderation status from the drop down menu.

After accepting or rejecting the changes, you'll be brought to the next petition in need of moderation.

Organization admins also have access to a log of the changes made to a petition, even after it has been re-moderated. From the petition's admin page, choose "history" under "options" to view the log. In addition to showing edits to the petition, the log also provides information on when and by whom the petition was moderated.

[For those following the New CSL Admins tutorial, we'll look at ended petitions next.]


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