NEW: Promoted Petitions

The promoted petitions feature makes it easier to ensure that your supporters see the campaigns that you want to highlight. 

The feature has two main pieces: home page petitions and daisy chain (after-signing) petitions. Both types of promoted petitions can be set from the promoted petitions page, which is accessible via the All petitions admin page (org admin homepage -> All -> Promoted Petitions).



Home Page Petitions

The "Petitions Promoted on the Home Page" tool allows org admins to control which petitions are included in the featured campaigns section of the organization's home page.


Previously, the campaigns featured on the home page were the three campaigns most recently moderated to Awesome. Org admins were only able to rearrange the petitions on the home page by re-moderating petitions.

With the promoted petitions feature, org admins can manually rearrange the campaigns that are shown on the home page. You can add a new petition to the home page from this promoted petitions page or from the petition's admin page.

To feature a new campaign from the promoted petitions page, click to add a "new promoted petition to the home page" and complete the URL. You can also add a petition to the home page by going to the petition's admin page and scrolling to the Campaign Status section. Once you click the + button in this section, you'll be redirected to the promoted petitions page, where you can rearrange the featured petitions.

Once a petition has been added to the promoted home page petitions list, you can rearrange its position using the up and down arrows or by clicking and holding its gray box and dragging it to its desired position. To remove a petition from the promoted petitions list, click the X box.

Note: Because the petitions featured on the home page are now decided by the Promoted Petitions page, and not the Awesome moderation status, moderating a petition to Awesome will no longer add it to the homepage. You can now use that moderation status for other types of tracking.

Also, for organizations using the platform in more than one language, we'll still filter home page stories based on the language the viewer is using the site in. This means that if an English petition is at the top of the promoted campaigns list, but the user is viewing the platform in Spanish, we'll show promoted Spanish petitions first.

Daisy Chain (after-signing) Petitions

Daisy chain promoted petitions allow org admins to include information about other petitions in the after-signing daisy chain. To start using this feature, go to the promoted petitions page, click to add a 'new promoted petition on daisy chains", and complete the URL of the petition you want to promote. 

You can also add a petition to the promoted petitions list from the petition's signature page.

Once you've added the petitions you'd like to promote, you need to add the promoted petitions modal to the after-signing daisy chains. You can choose to add the promoted petitions modal to all campaigns or only to certain campaigns.

To add promoted petitions to the after-signing daisy chain for all campaigns, go to the admin homepage, click After Signing, and click to add a "New Daisy Chain Rule." You'll probably want to base the new rule on the petition's moderation status. Then, choose the moderation statuses that should show promoted petitions. Finally, choose "Share, then Promoted Petition (Signers will be prompted to share the petition on social media, then asked to sign a promoted petition.)" Finally, rearrange the after-signing rules to get the desired effect.

If you'd like to only enable the promoted petitions modal for certain petitions, go to the petition's Admin page, click the Settings tab, and expand the After Signing section. Then, click to "override default post-signing settings." Choosing "Share, then Promoted Petition" will add the promoted petition modal to the after-signing daisy chain.

Once promoted petitions are set up for some or all campaigns, signers will see the promoted petition modal after they sign the campaign. The campaign featured in the modal will be randomly chosen from the list of promoted campaigns. The modal includes text pieces that can be set from CMS -> Content -> Petitions -> "Title for promoted petition modal" or "Text for promoted petition modal". You can use email variables in these text pieces. Additionally, the modal will automatically include the petition's title, why text, progress bar, and creator information.

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