Our Week Through 2016-12-09


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Infrastructure improvements.

  • Global unsubscribes (a voluntary setting – more info here: are now included in your CRM sync log.

  • We had a bug that prevented admins from removing beta locales or unpublishing published locales. This is now fixed.

  • Admins can now set specific title and description meta-tags that are used when the new petition creation page is shared on social media. More information.

  • We previously allowed users to delete images from petitions. That image deletion UX is now available everywhere.

  • Map clustering would sometimes fail if two petitions or events were located in the same place. We have fixed that issue.


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Ongoing effort improvements.†

  • Admins can now override the petition creator name that's displayed on the petition page. This can be useful if one account is being used to run multiple campaigns on behalf of various other people. More information.†

  • We now allow admins to override the default image that is used when an image-less petition is shared on social media. More information.†

  • We've added a new post-signing daisy chain. The "effort, then share" setting can be used when you want members to sign an initial campaign, before creating a version of their own. For example, you could use this setting if you'd like to ask members to sign a general open letter, before creating a new letter that targets a specific community.†

  • We had a bug that prevented users from editing a petition that did not have a specific location, but that had an associated decision maker with a specific location. Now, regardless of locations you can edit petitions.


Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Admins who wished to switch from one TakeCharge account to another, weren't able to switch. This is fixed.


Nothing new in events or groups.


†This feature required new text strings. If you're using a language other than English on your instance, you may need to provide new translations.

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